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Do teeth whitening kits work?


this episode is interesting is something that I've never done before I'm going to show you guys how I actually wanted my teeth in just one hour at home.

 I was really intrigued by this teeth  whitening kit it's called Lu - I'm not sure if you guys have heard of them before but Lu tooth is really different and innovative.

What is the most effective product to whiten teeth?

 compared to any other teeth whitening kits I've seen you know usually the other teeth whitening kits.

 you take you almost like meets a month or more and it will gradually help you to whiten your teeth this one is really special because you can instantly widen your hips in one hour.

teeth whitening kits
Do teeth whitening kits work?

Is there any teeth whitening that actually works?

How do dentists clean yellow teeth? it's exactly the same as you go into the dentist or the dental clinic to do your whitening hence.

 I thought it'd be interesting for me to try it and review it for you guys and if it works it will be great right its spoiler alert.

 it actually really really works my teeth actually got four or five shades whiter don't worry I've already checked it on a website is completely safe.

 this clinical study was completed at Seoul National University dental Hospital so it's actually developed a research in Korea by the Korean dentists and professors.

 it's the world's first cheap wiring kit which contains high performance photocatalyst this go to teeth whitening kit delivers professional level.

 teeth whitening effect in just one hour and it claims that you will last for about four to six months.

Why are my teeth yellow when I brush them everyday?

they actually give you enough in the set where you can use it twice maybe I'll wait for another six months later and I'll do it again to whiten my teeth again.

 so let's me whine back and let me show you guys the process of my teeth whitening let's go firstly of course I'll record my teeth color before whitening using a shape guide.

 then I'm gonna use a deep cleansing stick that's given in the kit this has to clean up all the dirt on our teeth before we move on to the teeth whitening.

 then we have to insert the cotton rose under the tongue and on both sides of the cheeks because excess saliva would get in the way in a whitening process.

 and now it's time to put on the lip and cheek retractor next try to wire up all the saliva with the cotton roll.

Best teeth whitening kits

 it's very important they try to keep out teeth and dry as possible before applying the whitening gel and then it's time to apply the whitening gel.

 we're going to  use this cute little whitening pen to apply the weather in jail on our teeth finally after applying the whitening gel.

 we'll mount the LED accelerator to the lip and cheek retractor just press the power button to turn it on and wait for five minutes.

 and now it's time to relax the LED accelerator will turn off automatically after five minutes what we'll do now.

 is detach the LED accelerator wipe out teeth with the cotton and then apply a new layer of whitening gel that will repeat the same thing install the LED accelerator and wait for five more minutes all right.

Can yellow teeth become white?

 so I'm done with three cycles so far I have six more to go so in total there are nine cycles we just finished three cycles.

 after three cycles you are allowed to have a 5-minute break after five minutes we'll start with another three cycles again.

 and after that we have our last three cycles you understand you get me right to water teeth yes just in one hour  after that.

 I am in G two or three is almost exactly the same as you going to a dental clinic to do your whitening your teeth could be whitened up to five shapes.

 you get what it is instantly in an hour and hence I find it so interesting and I want to try it for myself and my birthday is it definitely works. 

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