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what is my new skincare edition for the summer?

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what is my new skincare edition for the summer?

hey guys welcome back to my blog today I'm talking about my new skincare edition that's great for the summer  is some all day all year round this would be a great investment for you guys and yes it's a drugstore product really affordable and promise you guys to review more drugstore products so here it is and as the title already says yes it's  I don't know but this my new skincare edition tagline has been instilled in me since forever cuddle-up went on to produce amazing effective products at such affordable prices with no harsh chemicals and ingredients at all.

skincare edition

what is my new skincare edition for the summer?

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what is my new skincare edition for the summer? now my favorite Korean actress Jun ji-hyun is not an ambassador of hada labo a Korean actress being an ambassador for a Japanese brand hello level must be something great right okay I may be biased already but so today I'll be sharing about your new product I think its new actually I'm not quite sure if I recently got it from Watson pure gin white sure but moisturizer cream so what actually caught my eye is that this is not your ordinary moisturizer or cream it's actually in the solid form but if you apply it on your face and your skin actually glides and melts smoothly on the skin play ice cream to be honest.

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 when I first use this cream I never really expect much but as I use it more often and I research more about it I realized is such a multi functional and versatile cream so that is why today I want to show you guys why I love this cream so much let's go all right let's just go back to the origins of Sheridan this range from high-level key region is specifically for brightening and hydrating your skin and so if you read my last article I've actually mentioned that brightening and hydrating is actually essential for great skin care.

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what is my new skincare edition for the summer? so firstly like I mentioned before this white sherbert cream has a magical texture of solid form and when you glide it on your face actually melts and life smoothly on the skin I mean this is so innovative and fun to me I actually wish you could feel the cooling sensation that I'm feeling right now but this scream gives my skin an instant cooldown and it's super soothing to the skin you love to put this in my speech for this extra cooling is back when I apply it on my skin but what I was truly surprised about this cream is that it gives you this instant like instantly.

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 what is my new skincare edition for the summer?translucent finish on my face helps to smooth in pores and reduce the appearance of pores it kind of reminds me of a primer that smoothens the pores and even up the skin tone but then again it's not primer it's actually 100% skin care because it's not makeup kind of surprised that it feels like a camera filter effect or like how you put setting powder and it gives you this translucent finish yeah it feels like that it looks like that so of course since it's from the shear join live music a brightening product as you can see it instantly brightens up the skin tone even up the skin and also helps us firms the skin as well and here's my favorite thing about this white sugar cream.

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 what is my new skincare edition for the summer?so this cream actually contains an enemy acid this is an active ingredient that actually helps to treat and prevent sunspots neck spots I've actually talked about this before in my previous article but usually it spots that spots are caused by exposure of the UAE and the sunlight the white sugar cream is ideal to use after sun exposure which is every day for us in malaysia and because it's so small and travel friendly I actually have been bringing it out with me and every time I've been exposed to the Sun I feel irritated by the Sun I'll apply this on my skin and it feels amazing so not only do they have easy treat and prevent sun spots and age spots it actually claims to help calm down irritated skin from the sun exposure so far I have been using it for a while now I even brought it to me when I was traveling in Korea and it really does help to soothe my skin that's about it for a article today.

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 actually I'm trying to review more products as we work sharing to you guys and you think that this has been one of my favorite edition of skincare okay it's a drugstore product is affordable and it is so multifunctional that it helps you in so many ways ti now what is my new skincare edition for the summer? I got this product from Watson's and idea was 65 to 90 and in the month of June they are actually having a 10% off so I'm really excited for you guys to try it for yourself and let me know if you purchase it let me know your thoughts as well or you can comment down below and let me know what other products you like me to try I would be happy to try and review it for you guys for sure thank you guys so much for reading once again like I promised I would do more drug for use for you guys so stay tuned for that okay . 


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