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What is my favorite everyday makeup routine?


What should be my daily makeup routine?

 I figured it's time to do a everyday makeup routine like my favorite everyday routine which is this look so if you like this look Felicia's everyday makeup routine just keep reading firstly is to make sure that your prep your skin with skin care you know makeup looks the best when your skin is moisturize and hydrate this and of course I'm thinking I'm doing and updated skincare routine but wait for it.

everyday makeup routine
What is my favorite everyday makeup routine?

best everyday makeup routine

 I'm still trying a lot of different kinds of skincare to review for you guys let's get back to my everyday makeup routine before my base makeup you have to have to remember to put sunblock base makeup of foundation with SPF is definitely not enough to protect you from the UV rays and I realized that I haven't even introduced or recommend any sunblock to you guys before but today are will all right this was spring.

Daily makeup routine

 that I want to recommend to you guys and I've been loving it's my everyday sunscreen is beep Claire Meade a blue Sun lotion if you guys read restraint TV us would know a lot about Claire's or a because they are always talking about Claire's and yep I've drawn the been waiting to try more Claire's products as I mean saved a blue Sun lotion it is really in a slight blue color I really love this sunscreen because it's very moisturizing it's not sticky and it actually pulls out my skin if you look closely right it really does help to brighten our skin and just makes your skin looks less down so for me it doesn't only act like a great sunblock but at the same time it just gives me a tone up guys don't forget your neck as well some what is really important and yeah do check out this sunscreen it's not too expensive and it gives a really nice finish and it's light like glow to the face.

How do daily makeup step by step?

 I heard trend that this is really sensitive friendly and even those who excessive skin acne prone skin they love this sunscreen and are great thing is it could actually a primer but sometimes I like the extra goal I will at the club view actress cream I've actually talked about this before so I'll just add a little bit because actually this sample has really acts as a primer for me and yet as you can see it gives this extra extra glow Reston's on my skin at the same time looks good right and next for my foundation you guys know I love Christian foundation and for my everyday foundation that I choose Clare's Moche BB cushion this is actually my first ever Claire's product yeah so I got this in Korea like few years ago so adorable that I have to get it but I didn't expect much because before they're actually thought that everything that's cute are probably not that effective Korean products have actually changed that mindset online.

new makeup routine

 they actually come up with a review so I actually didn't have to get another one but yeah I did you know I love the gooey moist flow but truth be told in Malaysia in such human weather is really not recommended for me to apply like the super during moist cushions everyday because of the weather and this has been perfect it's more like a satiny finish it's just like perfect balance or flow and not too oily looking we are and another thing about this cushion but you have to twist it to open it extra high dreaming right I've never had any questions that has this kind of mechanism don't forget the neck as well you don't want your neck on your face to look different see is a gift like this really nice satiny finish is definitely not mad but at the same time it's not to do real glory I really  love the finish flawless satiny finish is like perfect perfect perfect for my 3d without and risk right it really just brighten up my skin a little bit and it does help to cover all the redness.

What is the most basic makeup routine?

My everyday makeup routine  for you guys who have redness in your skin it really does have to cover up the redness and then I'm done it's super easy for my everyday makeup I don't even put concealer but for you guys who have extra blemishes and all you can go on to concealer but for right now I'm going to move on to just my brows I love this Cobra by benefit professional to me it's super easy and just it just creates like a very natural brow and then I'll usually go on to my Maybelline dual shape eyebrow pencil and just shape whatever that I missed honestly I'm not super perceived by brows probably I'm just too lazy for that and or I just not Pro enough to have defined brows there's new ones to the powders side and like just try to make it as same as it can get.

Makeup routine

 that's it for my everyday brow look alright next would be my eyes I suppose simple guys my everyday I look this is my go-to palette it has very nice warm colors I'm sure my colors and some dot colors where you can create some smoky eye but usually for everyday I use the sweetheart the pinkish one I just use my hands guys but every day just add a pop of color right sometimes just sometimes I might add this is doctor shape and this edit okay I'll just do it all right just a tiny little bit and just trying to contour and add a darker shape at the end the other hand that I've been using every day a 70k razor shot in Brown I've been loving brown eye liners because they look more natural for everyday look to add this extra lay on the under eyes to complete the eye look I'm loving this it's from Sun and pop and if actually in a shadow pencil just helps to brighten up the eyes and make the eyes bigger and it just makes all the difference it just makes your eyes look so much nice we are almost done guys.

Hailey bieber makeup routine

 now I'm going into bronzer I have talked about this before us to for for school Korean product I love it because it looks really natural there's three shapes usually I just go to the lightest two shades she the sex of them know so they are not looks higher and here as well so it looks smaller here and we're going to brush her okay so this has been my favorite everyday blusher is a not orgasm and it is really nice for every day because it's not tuned pigmented so you can do it it up if you want and when I went to the nest orgasm event actually taught me to apply up to this point like the eye area and like this connect in the I assume I follow like brighten up the face why is it so popular is because it's suitable for all skin tones everyone produce this crusher

My everyday makeup routine 

 that's amazing thing about this pressure as you can see it's not super super pigmented so you can just build it up depends on how you like it and now on to my favorite everyday highlight there guys this is by Stella haven't you highlighter in kitten special kind of texture is a little bit salt by snot powder but it is very natural on the face again it can be beautiful you can use your fingers and it is so super natural no chin I basically the excess I'll just like that it everywhere but the most of course is this part of my cheeks.

everyday makeup routine for work

 I prefer to have the gradient lips for every day rather than a full-on lip the two tone number three is a very nice baby pink  I'd like to make my lip colors I've been loving if you're a big lip tattoo they are like me tattoo bleep in this how it looks like so what I do is I just apply at the inner corners of my lips I love to mix the colors and see how they turn out and this has been a great mixture for me and I just feel good and my makeup feels good and they just all blending together and this gives this really nice dewy healthy finish and that's all for today thank you guys so much for reading I hope you like this look and maybe you could recreate this super super simple look .

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