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What are a very simple three-step Korean skincare of tea ?


Hi guys welcome back to my blog  today you're gonna get unready with me with only a very simple three-step Korean skincare of tea.

 are you guys surprised because you guys know I'm obsessed with skincare and usually I like to layer my skincare so why only a very simple three-step Korean skincare of tea.

 these products are made for multiple functions for example the total in X s a toner and essence and a lotion and the moisturizer XS a serum and a moisturizer as well.

What are a very simple three-step Korean skincare of tea  ? so there are really interesting trying them out and honestly they are pretty impressive.

a very simple three-step Korean skincare of tea
What are a very simple three-step Korean skincare of tea  ?

How do Koreans get their skin step by step?

 I would like to share it with you guys name of the brand is called Ensis   we can actually buy them online all the lack of products from answers the star ingredient is Kerala flower.

 if you don't know it's using a lot of skincare products especially high-end skincare products because of the soothing and hydrating moisturizing properties.

 it really helps to make the skin supple and also it's a great antioxidant there's no other water as well if there's water it's all water meat from the Kemeny of power secondly.

 they use like a double fermentation technology do you guys know me you know that I love romance the essences sexy sk2 treatment essence or fresh black tea kombucha.

What is the most important step in Korean skin care?

 so in their formulas they use a double from antigen technology this double technology really helps to make the skin care penetrate deeper into the skin.

 basically just helping the skin to appear healthy and ring it even faster this skincare brand is definitely really good for you guys.

What are a very simple three-step Korean skincare of tea  ?

 who want something that is fuss-free really fast but yet effective so without further ado let me introduce these three products to you.

 I will do my skincare routine today we're gonna start with cleanser it can be very vitalizing moisture cleanser like very impressed with the ingredient list.

What are a very simple three-step Korean skincare of tea  ?

 it doesn't use any add water is made of 69% of micro fermented camula extract remarketed lives as a all-in-one cleanser I've actually tried just using this pencil.

 and I'm really impressed that he could really remove all my makeup and my skin still feels nourish and actually hydrated and nice he comes out in a very liquidy form.

What is the number 1 Korean skincare brand?

 so you could definitely see that like my makeup sort of slightly melts away I'm gonna wash it off it really feels like a hybrid between a cleansing oil and gel cleanser in a way.

 there are natural essential oils that help to remove the makeup also it's not as oily as the cleansing oil it's just a formulation amazing into this liquid cleanser at the same time.

 my skin feels clean and nice I do see why they say that you could do away with double cleansing with this but maybe me I always do double cleanse especially on days.

 where I have heavy heavy makeup you know my second step is the chameleon revitalizing moisture but again it uses 59% of micro fermented Kemeny extract because it's fermented.

simple korean skincare routine

 What are a very simple three-step Korean skincare of tea  ?so I understand why it's not just a toner but it's also an essence in one it also has lemongrass oil orange oil lavender oil and basil oil definitely made of really pure good ingredients.

 that help to keep the skin healthy and hydrated so I'm just here petting it in my skin always try to pet everything inside I say this like all the time as you can see it really absorbs.

 so quickly into the skin but at the same time it leaves a really nice glow to the skin this is a really good pull up where you can layer as well on this.

 but you feel like you need the extra hydration it is a good product because of the different blends of oils and the fermented camellia.

essence step in skin care

What are a very simple three-step Korean skincare of tea  ? I could really feel that it really hydrates the skin and it absorbs into the skin and finally we have the communal revitalizing moisture cream to me is really interesting.

 it's actually in a gel form it reminds me a lot of aloe vera gel you know that kind of formula and texture but on an inside.

 as you can see it has this little white capsules as well they call it the divine and 18 complexes made of natural ingredients green tea raspberry and other ingredients

3 step korean skin care routine

 I do not know how to read these little capsules actually help to reduce fine lines and wider distance well this moisturizer is middle of 65% of these micro fermented Cambria extract

 although it looks like a gel cream is actually made of your percent water is actually very potent with a lot of good ingredients inside.

 although it's very lightweight you know sometimes a lot of my great moisturizers especially if you have dry skin you understand that sometimes.

 step korean skin care

 What are a very simple three-step Korean skincare of tea  ? if you are it's not hydrating it's not moisturizing it not this one obviously I do not need to put a lot my skin quickly feels very hydrated and moisturize.

 those little white capsules as you just massage it on the skin you smell it really moves the skin looking very few in this moisture cream is mixed with a blend of different essential oils.

 makes the skin really nourished and glowy from the oil I think look at that yeah that's it for the skincare routine isn't that why it's super quick and easy of course personally.

 I would say that I have to add an eye cream to end my skincare routine eyes are very important but other than that she very happy of the product this is really quick and easy.

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