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my simple tips to have healthier hair at home naturally


my simple tips to have healthier hair

hey guys welcome back today's I am going to talk about my simple tips to have healthier hair in this article this tips to have healthier hair and you guys already know I had reached my hand not long ago and that is taken a soul of me so I have took more precautions to take care of my hair and I learned a few tips that actually helped so I just want to share with you guys .

tips to have healthier hair
 my simple tips to have healthier hair at home naturally

how to make your hair healthy again

so let's go the first thing about  my simple tips to have healthier hair at home naturally is to not wash your hair everyday honestly it is not a big problem for me because I'm really lazy at washing my hair but I realized that actually washing your hair everyday could further damage your hair dry out or your hair or just wash out the natural oil in your hair if you have particularly oily hair and to you is like how can you not wash your hair everyday maybe you should give your hair a break and this less than the amount of washing and see enough your hair would get used to it and you will produce as much oil as before tip number two try to find haircare products that doesn't contain parabens sulfates silicon and uses organic ingredients so these harsh chemicals - is cheaper options that would temporarily make your hair look smoother and shinier but in long-term.

how to have healthy hair naturally

 it could actually damage your hair and of course I don't have it empty-handed I would like to show you guys the haircare products that I have been using for about three weeks now and I actually got it from Watson's it is called Diane botanical and uses 90% of natural ingredients and after using them for like three weeks I could actually see that my hair becomes really healthy and smoother I really appreciate that they use organic natural botanical extracts such as honey lavender extract passion fruit or chamomile extract firstly they have the botanical moist for normal and dry hair we smell really nice and they use ingredients such as honey con extra carrier box and extract that will really help to hydrate your skin using natural essential oils the Alan rage that I have been using and I have been loving because I have really damaged hair from the bleaching as you guys know I use the damaged repairing range for normal and color damaged hair so in this race we use amazing natural ingredients such as passion foods hibiscus extract and even dragon fruit extracts.

how to get healthy hair naturally at home

my simple tips to have healthier hair at home naturally so I've been using this range for about three weeks now and I couldn't really see that my hair has gotten healthier and just happier they also have the libido range when they were my favorite ingredients and this Ridge is particularly to heal your scalp and relax your hair so Joseph it's got problems so he has been using this Ridge and so far he's been loving this as well lastly they have this range that contains nine herbs that promise to soothe and moisturize your hair damage from sun exposure and just harsh summer sun it's really nice and cedar Watson's is caring better products with natural ingredients with such affordable prices and just.

how to get healthy hair fast

 my simple tips to have healthier hair at home naturally so you know in the month of August what is actually having a 10% off for the levander range and also a nine curves range if you're interested to check it out online you can actually use this code because extra for in your discount in your website I really hope that you guys would have better hair and healthier hair after using this product like I have now comes my tips number three doing hair treatment is definitely good once in a while but sometimes is really expensive to do it in the salon

tips for healthy hair growth

my simple tips to have healthier hair at home naturally so now here's a really easy tip to do hair treatment at the comfort of home so what I have in practicing every once a week is that after you shampoo your hair I just have a few pumps of the conditioner and for now I'm using the iron but tiny photo damage repairing treatment just massage them on my hand focusing of course at the ends of my hair well do after it's just wrap it up with a shower cap wait for about 20 minutes meanwhile you can read your book or you can read the TV after that rinse it off and instantly I tell you your hair would be smoother and shinier than just putting on this treatment alone it has been helping my hair to be even healthier than before tip number four use hair oil as much as I love face oil hair oils are also magical and wonderful for the hair and I'll just put the hair oil on the ends of my hair and instantly - just do your hair stronger and smoother and it will be less tangled as well so here are the hair off that

hair care tips

my simple tips to have healthier hair at home naturally

I've been loving and using just in case if you're interested to check them out now here's my last tip try not to comb your hair when it's wet I know I have been guilty of doing this before but honestly after I've stopped combing my hair when it's wet I realized that my hair for has been lesser usually when your hair is wet it's more prone to breakage and damage so while a hair is wet you can put on some hair oil the best option is to leave it to dry but if you're on a rush for something then blow-dry your hair and then comb your hair okay so that's all for today guys I hope this tips will help you to have healthier hair but how it has actually helped my hair as well they are just really really simple - just using the right hair care products and just simple way to take care of your hair because I shall sleep different in your hair.

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