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how to make liquid hand soap at home?


liquid hand soap at home

hi everyone  I like to share our handmade home food from scratch and our simple lifestyle  and I want to show you the easiest DIY foaming hand soap recipe- liquid hand soap it is super pure there are just no ingredients in it that are liquid hand soap I found out that I can use this for just about anything so in the post I talked about how I make  liquid hand soap at home? of water and some lavender essential oil and that's what I use for my kids and my babies to wash them to get soft hands naturally but I also exclusively use this as dish soap.

liquid hand soap
how to make  liquid hand soap at home? 

best liquid hand soap

 how to make  liquid hand soap at home?How to get beautiful and Glowing Hands there'll always be a foaming liquid hand soap container on my sink here and I just will show you how I'm going to make it but I use this for dish soap hand soap in the bathrooms and the great thing is  you can customize it to what you're trying to accomplish with essential oils

Is liquid soap good for washing hands?

 let me show you how I do it now this tutorial is going to be super short because like I said it is so simple first I start with this plain dr. Bronner's soap this one is actually just called baby unscented I fill up a foaming hand soap container which I just picked up some of these on Amazon but I had been getting just this was I bought a target method soap and then when it was empty I used it but you can also just purchase them empty on Amazon after a while they start to lose their foaming.

Is hand soap better than liquid soap?

this one's actually getting old and it doesn't like to foam as well anymore so I decided it was time to buy some new ones so I found some one Amazon which I will link below but all you do is you fill up your container fourth of the way in the bottom with the castile soap and then you add an essential oil based on what you're trying to accomplish for my dish soap the one I keep here on my sink at all times I use about five to ten of lemon essential oil because this cuts it's very cleansing lemon is might go to and it's also cheap.

Which is the best liquid soap?

if you're going to be taking an essential oil and essentially using it to clean dishes and hands you're not consuming it you don't really want to use frankincense or something like that so lemon is super cheap this whole bottle is ten bucks it has two hundred and fifty drops in it so pennies to do this so I will add since oil and then fill this the rest the way up with water now I put my water on really low pressure otherwise it'll make this suds up and then it'll come out the top so I just want to make sure to incorporate the water about there I'll put on the lid give it a little shake and boom I'm done I run out of this mid doing dishes it obviously takes nothing for me to get my dr. Bronner's under my sink put it in AD the water in the limit essential oil and I'm done and back at doing dishes in no time also great for hand soap you could use lemon which is normally what I use for everything.

liquid hand soap refill

now if it's winter and there's a lot of viruses going around and sickness and you're worried you could get something like thieves or on guard which have a blend of immune boosting kind of germ fighting oils and you could put that in all your bathrooms some people wash their hands they have kind of that antibacterial effect and the sanitizing like hand sanitizing effect so the exact same process only obviously different oils so forth all the way up add the oil add the water shake it up and there you have it and it's always a great smell because this has basically no smell at all and then so it'll take on whatever oil that you're putting in it.

best liquid hand soap uk

 so you could do lavender orange just whatever you have now if you want to use this for cleaning which will do we will squirt this on to a surface and clean with it you could also use something like Melaleuca or tea tree oil which will disinfect the surface that's another excellent option you could mix five drops of this and five drops of lemon and then you have kind of a great antibacterial type cleanser you can play around with it with whatever oils you have you can just use limit and you can use this for body wash cleaning your counters washing your hands cleaning your dishes I find this to be really versatile obviously super simple all you need is castile soap some kind of essential oil and a foaming soap dispenser  thank you so much for reading this super enjoyed it.

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