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How do you use makeup palette foundation and Which is best foundation palette ?

 What is a pallete makeup?

Which is best makeup foundation palette? How do you use makeup palette foundation? Hello my friend I'm going to be creating a full face look using just one palette which is the Make Up For Every foundation palette it has 12 different shades I just bought it so we're   do brows foundation concealer I'm   try to take it to the next level does a little bit of eye shadow some eyeliner and lip liner with some lipstick.

makeup palette foundation
How do you use makeup palette foundation and Which is best foundation palette ?

Makeup forever foundation palette

 I am going to be setting it with my usual setting powder and priming with my regular stuff and of course adding my regular lashes so yeah let me just show you  real quick my new right here I don't mind my pages, please my cheetah pants I just bought my old one is right here that's how small I want you guys I upgraded and it is from dream vanities I am so so so happy it's recommend I am NOT sponsored I just want to share this with you guys if you are in search of a cute vanity, it has the switch the dimmer okay that and that's bright the USB and two connection

Makeup Forever

 so you can check them out I said I was   be filming other foundation reviews and trust me you guys trust me I have a lot of foundations that I have been wanting to review for you guys but you know it looks like inside it is so pretty you guys that I don't even want to use it like I don't want to mess it up it's beautiful.

Foundation Palette Sephora

 okay so I'm   go in with this brush when I bought this I told Diego that I wanted it and then he goes we'll buy it and I was like well it's on the the pricey side you know and he's like how much is it does go for a hundred and seventeen on Sephora but it's cheaper on their website for like 110 but you guys I told you like if you support me on this purchase dude I will use this money I don't need to have all of this makeup anymore obviously it's kind of hard I'm so   buy it but I was like I'm not   have to buy everything like just one foundation and that is a one foundation palette and I can take it everywhere .

liquid foundation palette

 that's why I'm so excited like you don't need to be carrying concealer foundation and it's like everything is here I'm  clean my eyebrows with this one right here and my kids are  be in and out of the now I'm going to use a brush to blend this out I like a brunt a bright under-eye so I'm  be using this shade right here in the middle and I'm just  apply that right here I'm  be going into this shade right it is   be a little bit dark for me.

mac foundation palette

 so I'm   go in back to this one and just kind of like mix it in there to and we're   blend away so we're   grab this blender thingy, you guys I am upset like it bright in my under so then I'm   go back into perhaps a  little bit light it may be like this sheet right here to really brighten up our under-eye and then I'm   go in with a different shade and into this color right here I'm going to contour you guys this is the first time I've ever attempted to contour so the reason I'm going in with a really light shade to contour is because I've  never contoured with a cream some lucky scared you guys.

foundation palette for makeup artists

 I'm  set my face with my brand-new Laura Mercier powder I just bought this one and I gave the other one to my friend shoutout to my homegirl Sandra I gave her the other one because she had never tried it and you guys I cannot live with us like this is my shade that I used to contour which is this one right here and I'm   put it's on my lid you guys do eyeliner to now we're   do our lips I'm   go in with again this shade right here and and I'm   do my lips with that right so I'm   dust this off and then I'm   finish the look I'm going to curl my eyelashes and pop on my falsies does anybody else's lashes on one side I get all crazy cuz that's the side that you sleep on am I the only one you guys like my life is just like do not work with me and I forgot to mention there's white on here

cream foundation palette tiktok

 How do you use makeup palette foundation and Which is best foundation palette ?

 I don't know if you guys noticed so do it cut crease get creative if you do buy this palette use the wine created this full look right here using just this palette isn't that so look at the white look at the white up close it's like a super bright white I want to recreate another look using white eyeliner or just play along whatever everything else you guys know foundation there's no concealer on here there's no dip brow pomade there is it's just that  morphe foundation palette.

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