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what is my hair care routine for damaged hair at home ?


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hello  today i'm going to share with you my hair care routine for damaged hair  i'm going what i like to do and what i use when it glossy pin straight hair look i do have very dry hair and i get the occasional dandruff i'm going to share with you all the products i use to help with that  and pick up for nothing is sponsored in this article these are genuine products i've just been for quite some time now and are my hair care staples so on that note let's just jump right into the hair care routine for damaged hair.

hair care routine for damaged hair
what is my hair care routine for damaged hair at home ?

hair care routine for hair growth        

 before i start my hair care routine for damaged hair i and brush out my hair and in particular love the wet brushes i have quite a few i totally recommend at this type of brush because it really helps to prevent tugging pulling ripping and that can cause split ends breakage and i just find these brushes are a lot more and you're going to see a lot less hair ever since i switched to a wet brush it has made such a difference in my hair if you guys haven't seen my castor oil out i will have it above and down below secret i love to apply this onto my hair usually once a week or once every other i just put on these gloves as you guys way easier to apply oil on gloves it can get really messy.

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 so that is why i'm doing these are kind of like hair dye gloves but i use them to apply my oils castor oil is the best oil to enrich your scalp it is a nutrient-rich vegetable oil that comes from castor chain fatty acid and fatty acids really provide the essential proteins nutrients to the hair follicles and prevent hair it increases the gloss or shine of the all i did is i apply the castor oil to hair all the way from my scalp to the bottom and this is just going to be an pre shampoo treatment it really helps in increasing blood circulation which can also help improve hair growth there's it can really also help moisturize a dry irritated scalp which may help reduce flaking.

7 days hair care routine          

 so i really like to add this as treatment and i will just go ahead and  let it sit for a good few hours and wash it out and continue my hair care routine for damaged hair so whenever i have a little bit extra time i will usually do this on a sunday and i'll just do some stuff wash it out i'm going to be sharing two sets of shampoo and conditioners that i but my typical one i use is the matrix and conditioner set if you have dry hair this is amazing and you need to pick it frizz and split ends and lack shine so gently cleanse your hair leaving it it increases the softness and it is also free i will go ahead and shampoo the out of my hair however anytime you use moisturizing treatment like castor oil.


daily hair care routine

 i wash my hair quite a few times to really make sure i get the oil out because if you don't your hair is just going to conditioner i go back and forth with is just the matrix by lush anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner this has been such a lifesaver if you struggle with a dry itchy scalp and dandruff trust me such a big difference whenever my scalp or if i see i'm starting to get flakes i this shampoo and conditioner instead something i've been doing all the time now is using a hair turban if you don't have one of these i totally recommend it less stress to the hair than a traditional towel it's designed to remove excess water from the hair without roughing up the hair shaft in.

weekly hair care routine         

 so i will let my hair care routine for damaged hair sit in this because i don't like to go in with a when i'm already going to add heat with my straightener i will let my hair dry a but i will go ahead and remove it while add my biolush all-in-one coconut multi that was a mouthful i know i use a lot of biology products but it's just uses and recommends these products so that is typically what i go for i really like this because it is vegan sulfate and paraben free it reduces dryness and detangles it adds shine lightweight and smells amazing it smells like coconut so i will add this while my and then i will just go in with a wide tooth comb to brush out my hair to make my detangler so you need to make sure the teeth of the comb are wide enough apart.

hair care routine for straight hair        

 that it doesn't tug on the hair as much obviously when your hair is wet it is at its most fragile so you want to make sure that you're being gentle and and not from the top of your hair as you is now dry now i just go in with a brush if i am going to keep my hair wavy then i won't do this step of course because once you brush out any waves or curls it mess if you guys want to see how i do my hair wavy then i could do a hair care routine for that because there are a couple different products i use in different steps i do  let me know but when doing my hair pin straight the first thing i like to use is my moroccan this smells amazing and i absolutely love it it protects against thermal it increases the shine too.

daily hair care routine for hair growth           

 it against all forms of heat up to 450 so i just go ahead and spritz it all and then i'll just go with my brush and brush it through to make sure that the product is evenly spread throughout my once i'm done that now i just go ahead and section off my hair to get ready to strain it i typically just put my hair down then i just go ahead and turn on my straightener if i can i will try to link i've had this for so many years and it if they do still have it i will link it down below because i totally recommend it's so worth it but this is the straightener i use and i will just go ahead and section off my hair like i and just start from the bottom and once i'm done doing the bottom then i will go off the hair tie and do the top part of course straightening your hair is pretty.

hair care routine for thin hair 

 but i do like to have my hair pretty pin although i do try not to use heat as i try to take breaks in between but when i do i like to do the pin straight hair once i'm done straining my hair there are two products i absolutely love to whenever i do straighten the first one moroccan oil this smells amazing it's really great to add some shine into your hair and it really helps with frizziness all you need is a pea-sized amount and i just go ahead and apply to the ends of a little does go a long way of course you don't want to concentrate it on your scalp because your hair is just going to look greasy you want to and usually the ends is where all your it helps with split ends as well this is favorite oil that i have and something else i will go back and forth with is my biology smooth proof serum as well you can use this anytime you can even later it just really tames frizzy hair and flyaways.

natural hair care routine for hair growth       

what is my natural hair care routine for hair  growth ?  what is my hair care routine for damaged hair at home ? if you're fine your hair just looks a little bit too frizzy i totally recommend going in with it and it also helps to enhance your shine it really does give you that glossy hair so these are two products that i totally recommend to add onto your dry hair to help with the overall shine of your hair and help with any frizziness that that is all for my hair care routine for damaged hair.  

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