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damaged hair products- Which product is best for damaged hair?


How can I bring my damaged hair back to life?

Hello guys you  wanted to know what I use on my hair like what damaged hair products I use what I use damaged hair products to repair my hair as well because as you  know or something you guys may not know if you're new to my blog I actually went through like a traumatic hair salon experience and I feel like that's really dramatic but I did and my hair was like being this long to being this short because it was so damaged over the course of like two years almost two and a half years now I have managed to repair it.

damaged hair products
damaged hair products- Which product is best for damaged hair?

damaged hair treatment at home

 let it grow out and now that I've learned from that hair experience I am now able to like take care of my hair a lot better and I'll show you guys some products that I use the techniques that I use a little bit more in depth let's get into my hair care routine and there are three major things that I think contribute to having shiny healthy I don't know but your hair type but my hair type it doesn't get oily it gets oily about every other day and I have noticed that because I made these sweet changes it doesn't get as oily and I don't have to wash it every other day.

best salon treatment for damaged hair

 I actually shower every single day full body shower but I actually use a shower cap and I wash my hair twice a week and in between those hair washes I use this guy right here and this is unlike any other shower cap I've ever owned I have owned multiple because I just cannot stand styling my hair and so I always like to use a shower cap and this one here is from the brand Shh shower cap shower cap I think that's the brand I'm not sure I've had this for over a year I love it this is actually sent to me they have no idea that I'm doing this article because they send it to me a year ago um but I just got it out of its package I started using it and it just stays really well on my head like it does have some extra space in the back here so that you can put a bun in securely and it's not too tight on your head so that way you don't have to worry about it slipping out on the back it like just really holding your hair and then it does have like the silicone band which you can put and press it like against your scalp.

keratin treatment for damaged hair

that way you know taking a shower water is not going to get on your hair it's almost like a swimming cap um and it's just like a really  great condition like I said I use this just about every single day and I like the design on it it's really hard to tell because it's all black but it looks like a turban and it looks actually quite nice it doesn't look like like the typical grandmother like shower cups that you have in your shower like this one actually does look nice and it holds your hair in place so you don't have to worry about it getting wet I already mentioned that but it I just like think that's the most important thing so you can still wash your ears and your neck and everything really well and not have to worry the second thing that I do recommend and this is a no particular order of how important it is but I recommend it taking vitamins on multivitamin you can take like hair skin and nail vitamins some type of vitamin that really helps nourish your body from within and because that is how your hair is made from within and so any kind of vitamin just like I used to take like women's one a day by the man I also have taken nature's bounty hair skin and nails vitamins just a multivitamin I've also taken the vitamins from care of which was a subscription service.

best hair treatment for damaged hair uk

 I would recommend it to find a vitamin that's right for you because that's really going to help you out and the third thing that I had ly highly recommend is to get yourself a satin or silk pillowcase and that does wonders I actually discovered that by accident I wanted a pillowcase I was going to help keep my pillow cool at night because sometimes I couldn't sleep because I was so hot and so I looked up like silk or satin pillowcases and I came across like all these benefits that are really great for like your face and your skin and like same thing and like your hair and it said so many good things so I was like is that really true I don't know and then after I have actually used silk pillowcases for months I have noticed a dramatic difference in my hair in my skin I have noticed that my hair doesn't get as oily because I'm not getting hot at night it's not producing like those extra oils that are going to like penetrate into your hair and make it look pretty see it's actually going to keep your head cool.

best drugstore damaged hair products

it's not going to produce as much oil and then also it's not going to tug on your hair so that way your hair isn't falling out as much and because it is set and it doesn't absorb as much bacteria that you normally would give out on a day-to-day basis it doesn't like absorb it as cotton does so you're less likely to get acne or breakouts but I feel like it took me a while to notice that it wasn't like overnight and like oh my goodness I have you know whatever like great skin or whatever but I did notice overnight how my hair like still stayed voluminous and it wasn't oily so therefore it allows me to not wash my hair as often find that extra time for me to keep my hair curled and also it doesn't give you like a flat head in it.

products for damaged curly hair

whenever you sleep usually because it's warm you're creating that heat on a regular cotton pillowcase you're creating dents in your hair because it's warm but if your pillow is cool and you're sleeping on it I mean you see in one spot for a while it stays cool and so it's not going to create those dents in your hair so that is really cool to me actually did a lot of research trying to find some decent pillowcases that were not expensive that we're machine washable and that helped with whatever it is that silk pillowcases help you with and I thought some really good ones on Amazon.

best hair repair products for bleached hair

I'll have links down below of you guys at want it's a link for that also a friend sent me a silk pillowcase to try out honestly there wasn't that much of a difference like one of them was really expensive the other one was it I really like both one of them has like a better material obviously because it's like better quality but in the difference in my hair I didn't really see a difference so I would say stick with like the cheaper ones but ones that actually are going to last through a machine wash and these have already been tested I've already washed them and I've already used them for like months and I really love them so I'll have them in the description box below I forgot what it was going to say all right so let's move on to damaged hair products so of course if you already follow all those things that's amazing but these are the hair products that actually help with styling my hair.

How do you fix severely damaged hair?

 so what I do is I shower every single day full body shower but I only wash my hair twice a week in the shower this is what I use this is a thread can color extend a blonde edge color depositing shampoo and this is a purple shampoo that helps with the toning of my hair because I do have highlights so it's great for that and also it helps keep the color of your hair dyed longer and I actually used to use the joy Cole brand and it turned my hair green like I've noticed that after a shower instead of like lightning the brassiness in my hair it looked like a yellow green color and I don't know if it was expired I don't know if I grabbed like the wrong bottle immediately just threw it out like and I was so sad because it was kind of pricey and it was a big bottle but then I switched to this and it just helped out so much better so I really like this one a lot and I do recommend it and then on my hair I also like to use this conditioner from Nexus by the way now this is such a great brand I've also used the other bottle I have it upstairs I should have brought it down but it's like a mint color and that one is so nice and moisturizing this is the kara fix damaging healer conditioner and your skin or now your skin your hair feels super super smooth.

hair treatment for damaged hair near me

 after you are done with this it does have some protein and it's for severely damaged hair so highly recommended it says repair level right here it has a little scale and it's from 1 through 5 and it's 5 so it does have carotene protein and because they wash my hair twice a week I could use this twice a week I don't know if it's recommended to use every single day to be honest because it is such like a harsh treatment or not harsh but it's a very like serious treatment but I use it twice a week and I really love it and then once I am done out of the shower if it is morning which is usually when I take a shower then I'll let my hair air dry and I'll do my makeup get dressed do things are on the house and then go back and do my hair so that way I don't have to blow-dry my hair because I feel like it's already I feel like I already styled my hair so much that I don't want to add more heat to it but if I am definitely blow-dry my hair so that way I'm not sleeping with my hair wet and so when I do blow-dry my hair I'll show you guys what I do because I have like a certain technique.

Can damaged hair be repaired?

that way I get volume but my hair isn't frizzy everywhere so this is my favorite brush ever it is from the brand of wet brush it is like super inexpensive I'm pretty sure you can find it anywhere I think it was only like a few bucks but it is such a great brush because whenever I have one hair and I'm out of the shower I always brush it that way it can dry a little bit more straight and it doesn't like tear out my hair I'm pretty sure it's called wet brush because it's meant for wet hair and then whenever I blow-dry my hair I will go ahead and grab my blow-dryer this is one of my favorite ones I have two this one is a hair blow-dryer and this one is really cool honestly any blow-dryer will do but the reason why I really like this one is because it has a sensor right here in blow-drying your hair if you're styling it once you put it down on the counter without pressing any buttons it will pause for you and when you pick it back up because your hand is now on the sensor it'll turn back on so what I like to do is as my hair is wet I will just grab the roots of my hair and I'll lift it up.

 Best damaged hair products

that way the top of my hair gets blow-drying upwards so that way I get some volume on top but then when I get to the bottom sections of my hair I will take my brush and I will do this I don't want to brush my hair out but like I'll just blow dry it like this so that way it dry straight down it's not super frizzy so but it's my little technique and I feel like I got a lot of volume want to get really into it I will get myself a blowout and it looks so good and it has to do with like that technique where like I'm putting my hair up as I'm blow-drying it and before I blow-dry my hair I do like to use some damaged hair products so first off is this guy right here it is the aquage I hope I'm saying it correctly this is a silk Ning oil treatment and it's really really thick oil it will make your hair greasy if you add too much so what I will do is I will grab at one pump of this and I will put it only on the bottom of my hair on the very ends because it is really thick and then on the rest of my hair I will use the Kenner Platinum blow dry spray and I will avoid putting it on the roots because anything you put on the root is going to make you look greasy and it's going to weigh down your hair so that's how I get more volume is by avoiding putting anything like on the roots of my hair but and this is by far the best thermal protectant spray that you will find Ulta had assailed me suddenly it was like buy one get one half off and I ran and got two bottles because it's just something you know it's kind of too much sometimes.

 What is the best damaged hair products

 I really really really really love this you're styling your hair if you're blow-drying it you're curling it use this it will not make your hair greasy and it will protect your hair and make it look so smooth and beautiful so highly recommend that so that is what I've used and then whenever I am styling my hair whenever I'm putting curls in it this is my absolute favorite tool right here and it is also by t3 by the way this is not sponsored I wish it was t3 please sponsor me because I love your tools so much but this right here is the 1.25 inch barrel and what's really cool about these is that they can adapt to different barrels all you have to do is unlock it and then you take it out and then you can put on another barrel if you like this is the other one that I really like it is the one and half inch barrel and this one is for like really really big waves if you want more of like a few waves instead of the curls I love this and it's really good if you but this is the one that I used or my curls that you guys see here what I like to do is I'll grab a piece of hair and I'll start in the middle and then I will start rolling it in like this by opening the clasp a little bit and it doesn't tug on your hair and it just does it so nice.

Which product is best for damaged hair?

 I have you recommend it love this I have a couple more products here that I want to share with you guys and I do recommend them if you're going to do like a blowout which like I said I don't do very often but what I do this is what I like this is the living proof restore smooth blow up concentrate this is really thick so I don't recommend it using a lot of it it's a shining treatment and it helps not only like to protect your hair but it also like just makes it more like moisturizing and and it just helps blow dry your hair a lot faster so what I like to do is I'll grab a pump and I'll put it mostly on my ends and it just end up it's a little bit thicker so it does help style your hair more and then this is another product that I also really like this is a bumble and bumble hairdressers invisible oil primer so this helps protect your hair it helps prime your hair but what I like about it is that it helps help your hair stay in place when you're blow-drying it and when you're actually like using a brush to curl it because it does have a similar kind of texture at the end as like a light hairspray to hold your hair in place.

Beauty hair with this way

 it's a little bit sticky but it's not going to be sticky to the point where it's uncomfortable but it does like help it stay and it helps with flyaways so I really really like this one and I've actually used the majority of it I got a little sample of it and it's already like down to here so I really do like that for that reason I'm going to style my hair afterwards I don't use that product because I feel like then it's too almost too sticky for me to like put more pearls in it with a hair tool like a hot tool or a pearler so but I do recommend it if you're just going to blow dry your hair hopefully this isn't too many damaged  hair products so you guys are on the same page with me I'm just trying to show you guys different what I do so another thing that I also like to use is the keels smoothing oil and few Sleeman concentrate this is a product that I really really love because after I've done curling my hair and sometimes there's still some flyaways or some spots look dry or on the bottom I feel that it feels dry even though I use the other treatments and I want to smooth out my hair able to use this and a little bit goes a long way.

Best treatments for hair

 I've had this for over two years and I like a little bit past halfway done and I love this it smells great it moisturizes your hair it smooths it out and it does not look greasy at all whatsoever so you can add as much as you want now talk to you guys about reconstructing your hair if you have really damaged hair those will help you out when it comes to styling your hair and washing your hair but when it comes like really repairing your hair I highly recommend a leave-in treatments throughout the day like a leave-in hair conditioner or some kind of mask so that way your hair gets a lot of moisture and it gets nourished throughout the day because those are like the ones that I feel like definitely made a huge difference in my journey on trying to repair my hair so these are two that I really really like the first one is a Garnier Fructis damage erase split end it's a great price and you can easily find it and what I like to do is whenever I'm out of the shower if it's like summertime I'll grab a few pumps of this I'll put it all over my hair and I will put it back in a bun and that way like I'm kind of ready for the day but I'm also nourishing my hair at the same time or I will put it in a side braid or two braids and I will put this in and it also kind of acts as like a hair gel.

Finally, healthy and beauty hair with damaged hair products

 it keeps all the little flyaways them in place and the last product that I want to share with you guys it is a bumbling bubble bond building styler and this really great especially if you want to start a hair with cute little waves what I have done recently is I'll put two french braids on my hair and then the next day I will go ahead and take them out and they give me these beautiful waves I loved it and I have noticed that it works best when I use this right here I just feel like it makes it a lot more soft it holds it better in place and it also has like this really pretty I don't want to call it glitter because it's not glitter but it I guess it's called mica and it's a specific type of ingredient that helps it like make it look really shiny so it's really  pretty I and that has they're like my go-to hairstyle my heatless go-to hairstyle so that way I don't have to apply heat to my hair every single time and it will last for like days if you use this product I really  like that that is all for today's article I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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