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What are tips for a healthy lifestyle and ways to improve your fitness level?


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What are  tips for a healthy lifestyle and ways to improve your fitness level?what's up everyone  welcome back to my blog today we're going to do another one of those  that i love to do because i'm getting so many good questions what are Health and fitness tips i get a few weird ones every once in a while as well but you know hopefully today we'll be able let's get into it a low carb diet is the best for all body types true Health and fitness tips  or false well false there's no evidence that are supporting that you know a low carb diet   as long as you eat enough protein your veggies then you should know that fat and carbs are both fuel for the body you can eat a combination of them or some people prefer to eat more carbs less fat or the other way around.

What are  tips for health and fitness
What are  tips for a healthy lifestyle and ways to improve your fitness level?

Health and fitness tips

 if you do a lot of running that you less muscles which can indirectly be you see if you don't have enough fuel in let's say run long distance your body to to your brain that oh we don't have muscles uh we better shrink them so you you will kill some muscle mass do too much long distance running without having the fuel in your body that is the answer to that question   you can you can sprint you can do 5k you can even do long distance running favorite supersets well first of all a superset is when you go from one exercise to another without any rest.

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 so my favorite superset i'm not a overall but i do like to super set arms   so i'll go from a bicep exercise to hormones influence workouts and so without going too deep on hormones i would say yes hormones can affect your what equipment should i get Health and fitness tips if i don't have the possibility to go to a gym well that's an excellent question i would say it depends on your goal it depends on who you are and what you want i think it's it's good to get   maybe bench some some free weights and work your back and shoulders that's the when you do broader weight workouts d bbells and a bench that will.

top  fitness tips

 go a my knee hurts when i'm j ping what exercise can i do to stabilize the joint we have no idea what's going on in your knee so you shouldn't be stabilizing you should see a professional go and see someone who knows what they're doing and who can find out what's going on in your knee and this is super common that if something hurts that they need to rehab it right away or do a certain type of exercise to stabilize and build it up how much coffee is too much coffee in a well 51 cups of coffee is too much per you can drink a whole lot of coffee there's a lot of health benefits to proof   on that as well that it prevents alzheimer's disease parkinson's various forms of cancer and it also shields your liver just make sure to drink enough water because it can be a little dehydrating with coffee and  if some people don't handle coffee.

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  well at all they you know Health and fitness tips if you get too jittery i wouldn't drink that much like eight cups a day and i i'm fine i'm is it necessary to wear a belt when lifting do we make less progress with it the guys and girls who are getting injured are the ones wearing a belt you're not getting injured while wearing the belt but when you walk in the stairs or you're lifting something up and i'm i'm not wearing a belt and i'm dead working together as soon as you put that i'm  going to you know disconnect that body part my legs are working my upper body my core is not firing and it's not activated guess what happens.

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 when i take everything off and i go to lift that box if you don't need to wear a belt don't do it some people do it to be able to that might be working for them i suggest if you don't have to wear a belt please don't type of beer or alcohol drink would be okay with everyday life i love this question you need to listen to when you decide to have a beer or glass it's better to drink whatever you like and drink a ton of them or every day so maybe i would say if you need to drink something that's not as good as you want you're probably drinking too much it's walking combined with healthy diet enough to be healthy.

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 well that's an excellent question Health and fitness tips i would say if you eat healthy that means you are pretty healthy walking is also healthy for you but i do think you need more than that's not really going to work your upper body it's not going to work your walking can be overrated sometimes it can also be underrated many times so it is healthy to walk and to eat healthy but you probably need something more as well get a good lift in once or twice a week do you burn more fat with high intensity interval training before or well i would say you you burn about the same i think the important thing is what the the high intensity interval training will do to you what i like to do before my training because it warms me up and and some people think that it makes them that much so you need to figure out what i'm a big fan of shorter intervals not so it never affects me it just warms me and it prepares me for for my strength   to burn more fat doesn't matter you personally i like to do them before you cannot eat carbs.

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 if you want to lose false you can eat carbs and lose weight the proportion of macros and your a certain amount of fat and carbs in a one or the other or a combination and it doesn't matter if you get them through carbs or fat you you will you if you're in calorie deficit which means that you eating less than what you're who have better metabolism women or men it's highly individual there are many females that have better metabolism than it's highly individual how important is cardio what's the most important for weight loss besides nutrition well you said it nutrition is the most important when it comes to to losing weight losing weight means that you're in a calorie deficit you're eating less than what cardio is not super important at all.

What are  tips for a healthy lifestyle?

 it's all about that calorie deficit cardio will help you to burn more Health and fitness tips so you know the difference will will be greater and you might lose even more fat in a day but yeah cardio is not important but it might help how can i go to the michelob ultra section and  you get a six-pack that's that's how you do it no kidding you need to make sure get on top of your nutrition it's all about nutrition when it comes to losing core work to to make the the straight abdominis the six-pack muscle bigger but it really comes down to nutrition weight thighs bulky not slender and toned love.

What are ways to improve your fitness level?

 that question it's a big myth weight training will not make you bulky it is really hard to build a lot of muscle mass so you do get bulky in the beginning when you start training you might feel like you're getting a little bit bigger because your your muscles will bind a little more fluid but that will you know that will pass so give it a few weeks and you'll see a lot of the the most toned people that i lifting a lot of weights and they do a no weight training will not make you bulky sets and reps what's the most efficient more reps and lower weight or less reps higher weight personally i'm a both actually i like the the combine high weights lower reps depending on the muscle i'm targeting which cycle i'm yeah it also depends on if you have pre-existing injuries if you're a beginner or you're more advanced and a whole lot of other things.

What are  tips to keep your body physically healthy?

 so to go back is it okay to eat pasta instead of rice yes it is i'm not sure why you're asking about weight loss or just to be healthy you can eat pasta and be healthy no same thing with losing or gaining weight uh you can eat pasta it's it's more a is it actually bad to do full body workouts every day well excellent question it depends on how many times per week you're working out if you're i would not do full body workouts maybe if you're doing twice a week then that's the answer to that question really depends on how many times per week you work out.

What are 5 healthy things to do?

 I'm a much bigger fan of targeting each and every muscle much harder with more sets and reps and then allow that muscle group to rest the next day while i'm targeting it's less of a compromise a myth when who i helped get in awesome shape no it's never too late it's it's you have to adapt obviously depending on age how you approach training and nutrition but no you can get in better shape and you can get in good shape at any age you need to train at least 30 minutes step into the gym with me for 10 minutes it's better to train on an empty stomach true or false no it's not better to actually it might even be bad for you.


What are  tips for a healthy lifestyle and ways to improve your fitness level?

 if you don't have enough fuel in your system it really depends on what you want to achieve with your workout if you want to build muscle mass and get i will make sure to have food in my stomach you don't have to eat right you know within a two hour span before i that's it a lot of good questions as you these questions and my answers help some of you up there please let me know what don't forget to hit that like button yeah i don't know about you but i'm going to go and get my eighth cup of .

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