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How to make kiddies brightening and glowing oil it removes rashes


hello everyone welcome back to my blog thanks so much for stopping by so as you see from the title I'll be making kids body glowing oil a body butter or an oil that will help you so much to nourish your baby's skin keeping it healthier clearer and with no rash yes this will not cause any rashes on your baby's skin .

How to make kiddies brightening and glowing

How to make kiddies brightening and glowing oil it removes rashes

  what I have here is shea butter .I still have other ingredients which I'm going to be introducing soon to you and we're actually going to be melting this butter you know to turn it into an oil after turning it into an oil they have to miss other ingredients just keep reading you have to get a clean bowl make sure you sterilize all your equipment make sure there are no deaths because this is something you have to apply on your baby's skin you don't want to attract gems on the skin

  I'm going to scoop out one tablespoon of my shea butter into the bowl ensure everything is clean as i said if you want to make more amounts just double the ingredients you know this is just showing you how to make it you know mix it yourself okay just make the quantity you want double all the ingredients if you want it in big amounts so I'm going to melt it you can do a double boiling method or you add water into another bowl then place it on top like this to melt the butter make sure the water is very hot to enable it to melt faster as is melting let me introduce the next ingredient to you next one we have here is carrot oil carrot oil is very nourishing for babies for adults i love adding it into my baby's cream you know into my kids lotion and he has been helping so well

 so you can add it into your body lotion as well as an adult and your skin will glow beautifully carrot contains nutrients carotenoids that will help to nourish your skin glow your skin protect it against harmful damage okay it will also help to clear away blemishes that's false and the rest so it's best to make it yourself but if you can get a very good carrot oil that would be perfect i made this myself if you want to know how to make carrots for you I'll be leaving the link in my description and also in the comment section okay so just get a carrot curry and your baby skin will be so lovely .

 another wonderful or is among oil pure almond oil sweet amount oil they all work effectively so almond oil is very sweet oil that babies love a lot like baby skin love this oil a lot if you apply it on your baby your baby's skin will look so well nourished when natural like no blemishes no spots it looks so supple so beautiful almond butter contains vitamin e very good for everyone okay this is an oil that will not duck in the baby's skin it will not cause any allergy like seriously so you have to get it and add it into this wonderful oil mix okay so here's our shea butter and I'm still trying to dissolve it you know to melt it so after melting it and allowing it to cool down for some time because it's still very warm you have to start adding the oils then i will be adding one tablespoon of almond oil like this and I'm going to add my carrot oil as well half tablespoon of carrot oil after adding it it's time to introduce any essential oil of your choice but when adding essential oil make sure you add a very mined one that will suit baby skin and not a harsh one


  you just add any flavor any one you love like lavender tea tree oil but tea tree oil can be a little ash on baby skin so you just have to add just about one drop of tea tree oil for lavender two drops of lavender you will love the smell of these essential oils so I'll be adding my sweet orange essential oil and it should do a good job so here is my orange essentia or my sweet orange essential oil i love the smell of this oil so much for this quantity you don't need to add two more just a drop and it smells wonderful the purpose of essential oil is to treat any allergy protecting the baby's skin yeah just two drops one drop is enough remember to increase the quantity of this if you want to make it in large amounts

 I'm just showing you how you can do yours so here is t3 oil you can decide to address the drop as well to treat itchiness rashes and all that this is smelling so nice okay so go ahead and do a good job by mixing it thoroughly wonderful this is an oil that when you apply it on your baby's skin you come and thank me later so just add any essential oil of your choice lavender tea tree oil sweet orange or you know just name it but make sure the one you're adding is not harsh on your baby's skin so the next thing you have to do you can leave it in this form most people they love oils on their baby skin instead of butters and it will just glow their still the same okay so we can decide to keep it in a room temperature or store it in the refrigerator for some minutes it's going to return to solid foam .

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