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get immediate soft pink lips overnight naturally

 it's just a very natural way to obtain a very soft smooth and very pink looking lips so the ingredients i'll be using are just safe very natural it should not cause any side effects works very fast . what you should apply every night to make sure you take care of your lips your lips will look very soft very well moisturized and very attractive so let's go ahead to make this simple remedy for you you won't regret it we're about to make a lip scrub yes that will lighten or brighten your leaves making your leaves very soft very plumpy and very attractive

get immediate soft pink lips overnight naturally
get immediate soft pink lips overnight naturally

Coconut oil for lips

 the first ingredient we need here is sugar so make use of any color of sugar here we have brown sugar but for your lip skin it's always advisable to make use of brown sugar i always prefer it because it's very gentle on the lip skin for those that have bleeding leaves or cracked leaves as a result of your dry leaves this will help you a lot because it's very gentle sugar is very exfoliating will help to scrub out the skin cells on the surface of your lips making your leaves very soft very smooth also improving your lip color.

Types of lips

 this is not a magic it will not turn a natural blackly to pink or red okay if you have a red lip naturally it's going to just improve it and make it come out brighter but if you have a black clay it's just going to make it softer and more plump so i'm going to add two tablespoons of brown sugar and this is perfect next ingredient i have here is lemon and you need the lemon juice you know in this treatment lemon juice contains natural bleaching agents that will help to improve your lip skin make it brighter or more pinkier and it also contains vitamin c that will help to heal any cracked leaves protecting your lips against free radical damage vitamin c is a very good treatment that you need either you drink it or you apply it on your skin it will help a lot to replace making your skin looking very healthy your lip skin will improve and look more soft.

 you don't really need too much because this is a scrub i will just add half tablespoon of my lemon juice and this is perfect you usually need vaseline vaseline is one ingredient i love so much because of its moisturizing benefits this will help to ceiling moisture stopping your leaf from cracking out or bleeding your lip will be so soft if you apply gasoline and combination with other ingredients will make it awesome so i'm going to tell you when to use these nuts now.

 you have to get toothpaste make use of any toothpaste white any brand here is colgate which i normally use to isolate my skin once in a while toothpaste generally helps to protect your lip skin is going to help to exfoliate it bringing out the natural color okay so applying it on your lip with other safe ingredients will help to protect your lips against drying out but do not apply only toothpaste on your lip skin because it may dry out and crack further so it's just best to mix it with other important ingredients like this to protect it from drying out and also to work effectively so i'm going to add or squeezing some amounts of toothpaste so a little is all you need you don't really need too much yeah so this is just perfect before adding the next ingredient i'm going to go ahead to mix this thoroughly you don't need it to be so watery okay make sure it's not watery so when adding your lemon juice just add it little by little or draw by drop okay to monitor it so that it will not be watery as this is a scrub.

 so it's time to add among oil among oil is a very protecting oil that you need to keep your lip well moisturized protecting it against half damage that comes lead to black okay so this is so so important because it contains vitamin e a very powerful antioxidant that you need so i'll add few drops not much because this is not in a large amount little amount of amount oil you do mix it like this so just go ahead and apply this the way i'm going to show you right now after mixing it okay after mixing it go ahead and wash your lips keep it clean then scrub with this i'll go right now to show you how to do it so that we obtain a good result and when to apply the vaseline so that you see the full benefit to have instant soft lips you have to use a toothbrush to apply this treatment okay toothbrush we have to enable you know for application and also it should boost the scrubbing making sure it exfoliates better and make sure your lips are looking soft at the end so i'll just mix it one more time wet your lips then go ahead and apply it  .

Lip biting

 after scrubbing it for about a minute yeah you don't need to scrub it so much you have to leave it for about five minutes this is very important to make it soak to penetrate and soften it after five minutes you go ahead and wash it off i'm going to store this this is my lip scrub okay i love using it a lot when i'm in the bathroom i just use it to run my lips to scrub out all those dead skin cells so that my lips will remain soft all the time .

 i'll just leave it on for five minutes then i'll wash it off i'll be right back and show you how to use the other treatment so after scrubbing it and rinsing it you will notice that your lip will appear brighter this is because you have removed those dead skin cells on your leaves your leaves will appear neater and clearer so it's time to go ahead to show you how to use the second ingredient so that your lip will be well moisturized you know protecting your lips from cracking out  .

  you have to get your vaseline any brand then just apply a little of it on your lips like this this will help to protect your lips as i said earlier from cracking or breaking or bleeding so it also helps to take care of it and make sure you don't get darker any longer okay most people have natural dark lips this will not give you pink lip okay it's just going to plump those leaves making it very attractive making me so soft and so inviting so this is what i do to make sure my leaves are well protected using this scrub every day be applying the vaseline any time anytime you like so that your lips will not be dried out so this is how to take care of your lip .

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