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Do you want to know how to look younger by this treatment

 we look younger people will think you're assisting just go ahead and apply this treatment you see great transformation hello everyone welcome back to my blog today like you see from the title this treatment will help you achieve a great skin a younger skin without any side effects the ingredients are safe for us skin type nourishing ingredients that will help to keep your skin where plum your skin will look very simple your skin will look very well polished your skin will look very well moisturized where even everywhere will be uniform.

Do you want to know how to  look younger

Do you want to know how to  look younger by this treatment  

 I want to know how to make this treatment that will get you a younger skin let's go ahead and make sure you're looking younger far far younger than your age this treatment will make you look cystine even if you're sisty yes that is because the ingredients i'll be using today are packed with anti-aging properties that will help to make sure it slows down the aging process of your skin making your skin soft smooth supple getting rid of those wrinkles and fine lines so the results will amaze you yeah we have rice powder you can make use of your rice grain turn it into a rice powder using your food processor at all .

rice powder is very exfoliating we have to scrub out the skin cells it contains anti-aging properties it is a very powerful sunscreen like a natural sunscreen that will help to prevent free radical damage that makes your skin looking so dark that makes your skin to develop sunburn and the rest so you need it in this treatment because it's it's just just awesome it's also a very good way to brighten your skin because it contains mind lightening agents that will help to keep your skin from getting dark so you have to get a mixing bowl and i'll be adding one tablespoon of my rice powder or rice flour.

 the next one we have here is clove yes a glow stick yes a cloth stick is so full of antioxidants clove helps to tighten a saggy skin it helps to delay wrinkles and fine lines thanks to the anti-aging properties it contains that will help to delay signs of aging and make you look younger and younger all the time if you have your clothes stick just go ahead and turn it into a paddle form if you have the powdered one already you don't need this anymore you just have to use your powder clove just as i'm going to use right now so i'll be adding just a little into my rice powder half teaspoon just a little okay a little goes a long way clove also contains antibacterial properties antiseptic properties that will help to keep bacterias that they will lose on your skin it helps to treat so many skin problems getting rid of pimples if you are always prone to breakouts clothes we have a lot to cure it get rid of them.

Do you want to know how to  look younger by this treatment  

 this is just awesome so the next ingredient to get is honey make use of organic honey because that is the best okay even if you're applying it on your skin you will need organic honey honey will help to protect your skin from drying out it has nourishing properties that will help to protect your skin deliver signs of aging make you look younger always moisturize and hydrates your skin so this is also awesome to make this mask usually need honey and just half tablespoon is enough for this treatment if you want to make large amounts of these marks you just have to increase all the quantity of the ingredients and the last one we have here is baby oil so baby oil is a very powerful oil a wonderful oil is a mind and gentle oil very pure soothing for all skin type if you apply baby oil you be sure of a very smooth and well nourished skin just like that of your baby baby oil penetrates into your skin to nourish it delaying sense of aging by making your skin to look very beautiful and soft so one tablespoon of food we do.

 this quantity is actually small but i love this like this okay if yours is still very in a thick paste go ahead and add a little water not so much because you don't want this treatment to be working just a little and mix it again so i'll go right now to show you how to apply it on those wrinkles on your fine lines or if you just want to apply to delay science of aging go ahead and do so so go ahead and remove all makeups get rid of this you know clean it properly so that these treatments will penetrate wear into your skin and work better the ingredients are packed with vitamins and minerals that your skin will love so much with the help of my brush i'll go ahead and apply it on my skin like this the area i want to treat the area i want to remove wrinkles the area i want to make younger .

Do you want to know how to  look younger by this treatment  

 go ahead and scrub with your hands or use use a brush to apply it but i normally prefer using my hands okay for a scrub these treatments may not be good for sensitive skin because of the cloth powder so if you have sensitive skin it can just omit cloth powder you know just keep it do not make use of glue powder because it can be a little hot on the skin okay so go ahead and apply this on other parts of your body your neck your body parts your hands to make it look younger all the time so because of the cloth powder i'm going to leave it on for just 5 minutes 10 minutes wash it off clove is highly medicinal it contains antibacterial properties antiseptic properties that will help to treat wrinkles that will help to get rid of breakouts pimples acne that's possibly to get rid of it effectively .

i'm going to leave it on for some time i'll wash it off i'll be right back . after washing it off you just go ahead and pat dry apply a light moisturizer and it will help you greatly apply this treatment only two times weekly yes and that is because of the ingredients it's just a very effective end and remember if you have a sensitive skin do not make use of clove powder if you have to use cloth powder just go ahead and use this for just a short time after two to three minutes wash it off and you're all good so repeat this through smell as i said use it properly and the right way and get perfect results. 

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