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how to look beautiful without makeup naturally?


how to look beautiful without makeup naturally?

how to look beautiful without makeup naturally

how to look beautiful without makeup naturally?

after this treatment it will look beautiful with no makeup your skin will glow yes your skin with glow i really appreciate you absolutely not from the title I'm going to be sharing with you what you'll be applying on your skin like a toner okay that when you apply it it's going to get rid of those skin problems and freshen your skin sweating your skin make your skin glowing with no makeup if you want to also look younger the ingredients are perfect they will make you look far younger than your age so you want to know how to prepare this keep washing .

how to look pretty without makeup ?

let's go ahead and show you what to apply on your skin this is for any skin type keep washing to look beautiful with no makeup to look younger and also blow your skin you have to get ginger so here is a ginger root which is highly potent in making sure your skin is flawless removing bacteria infections getting rid of pimples acne is very high in antioxidants helps to slow signs of aging gradually removing fine lines and wrinkles helping to preserve your skin's collagen so it's very rich in antibacteria as i said earlier which helps to keep bacterial infections on your skin preventing pimples and dark spots so with ginger your skin will look very uniform you won't have signs of aging even if you have wrinkles already this will help to with time get rid of them finally until you look younger and younger than your age so what we are going to do right now is to remove the peel .

how to look beautiful naturally everyday?

 I'll be using my knife this time to ensure it's properly done so tomato is another powerful antioxidant very rich powerful antioxidant that you need to nourish your skin the juice is full of vitamins and minerals which enriches the skin removes dark spots glows the skin and keep it very fresh and younger naturally without any side effects so tomato juice we also have to restore your skin back to normal in case you have a damaged skin like blue skin as a result of chemical cramps and other reactions so this will also help to remove wrinkles fine lines and make sure you are looking younger and younger all the time so make sure you wash these two ingredients properly because it's very important in this treatment we're actually going to be making a toner with them so.

how to make face beautiful and attractive?

 I've washed it thoroughly which I'm going to cut into smaller size for blending you can also go ahead and grate it using your glitter but i just want to blend it this time okay curl them into smaller size to enable proper blending so just transfer them into the blender and add little amount of water so after blending it it's best to blend it so that it won't go through the stress of grating it okay I'm going to strain it out right now using my strainer . . and ginger juice which is so potent for our skin very important and very helpful in making the skin look younger and very beautiful .

how to look beautiful and attractive naturally?

 these juice will help to tighten your skin close large open poles and make sure you have no acne dark balls black hairs and the rest so this is actually a toner we're making okay you have to get a very clean container this is one of the containers i use is storing my diy toners and it has been helping me a lot yes aside my max scrubs i also use facial toners and so that anytime i apply any skin lotions or use any soap my skin will absorb it very well and work better so it's time to add rose water so rose water is also a very powerful one like it has to balance your skin makes your skin glow it helps to suit irritated skin reducing the appearance of wrinkles glowing aspect is what is amazing i love it so much because it glows my skin .

how to keep skin younger and glowing?

 if you are making a toner or making a facial mask this is one of the best thing you can do for your skin okay so get your rose water from supermarkets from organic shops or order it online and you love it a lot you can just soak with cutting wood just rose water and cottonwood and it's just perfect to balance your skin so for this quantity just add about three tablespoons of rose water or you can add more depending on how you want it the fragrance of this rose water is one of the best thing i love in this toner yeah so just transfer it into your empty container for storage of course you have to make sure you miss it thoroughly so I'll go right now to transfer it into my empty container all right so here is my toner yeah the last one i did was the one with cucumber and that one just got finished last week and I'm so excited to try this though I've made use of this toner in the past and it's so so wonderful so after adding it mix it whenever i want to apply on your skin with the help of your cutting wood of course I'm going to go right now to show you how to apply it on your skin your face your neck to keep them tighter to make them looking fresh younger and whenever i go out there with no makeup your skin will still look very good .

how to make your skin glow naturally at home

 you can go ahead and add the preservative okay you can add essential oil any essential oil of your choice store it in the refrigerator to make it last longer in order to extend the shelf life so I'll go right now to apply my wet clean face so what you have to do is to get a cutting rule of curse and make sure you wash your face your neck any part of the body you want to make beautiful and younger with this you go out there with no makeup and you look very beautiful this will help to repair your skin if you have a damaged skin if you have skin imperfections dark spots you know blemishes if you want to unify your complexion this will help greatly it's for us skin type there's no side effect all you have to do just to make it store it in the refrigerator to make it last longer so this is one i want to make is up so I'm going to use this tomato toner yeah I'll be using it for one week to two weeks until it finishes so when I'm done I'll use another type i can decide to use cucumber turn out or just repeat the same time this will help to close large open pores minimize a large open pores tightening your skin preventing dark spots you know is going to lighten dark spots okay in a natural way this will also help to prevent acne breakers so just soak your cutting wood properly then go ahead and clean your face your neck or all over your body . i can't control .

how to get beautiful face naturally at home?

 this is wonderful like very important for anybody if you do not have wrinkles or fine lines yet you can apply this to tighten your skin to solve other skin problems and thereby preventing signs of aging so this will help to delay wrinkles like if you're 40 you look far younger if you are 60 you just look very very young okay keep it in the refrigerator as i said to last longer apply it every morning and nights two times daily clean your face thoroughly leave it onto sinking if you are going to be going out in daytime like in the morning after applying this treatment go ahead and wash it off after 30 minutes so that you can use your moisturizer and the rest but if you are going to be staying at home just leave it on like that without washing into the end .


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