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how to get glass skin in 10 minutes naturally at home?

how to get glass skin in 10 minutes naturally at home

how to get glass skin in 10 minutes naturally at home?

today as you already know from the title  this is a treatment for you to acquire a glass skin like a skin without blemishes a skin without stretch marks a skin without dark spots a skin that glows naturally without any side effect like seriously and the remedy today is going to help you to achieve that this is for all skin type a duskin medium shade a very fair skin so this is also for a sensitive skin  just have to be free to use it and you achieve your good results want to know the ingredients keep reading

how to get glass skin in 10 minutes naturally at home?

if you desire a glass clean like the glass skin i mean is no pores no blemishes no wrinkles your skin will be very smooth like seriously you have to keep on washing because this article is for you the first ingredient you are going to use is baking soda and that is because baking soda is very exfoliating so you have to unclog your pores like get rid of those black hairs white eggs if you have acne if you have to treat it thanks to the presence of antibacterial and antiseptic properties it contains which will help to prevent other skin diseases and yes it helps to exfoliate your skin to bring out new skin like seriously if you get rid of the skin and make your skin glowing and very bright so I'm going to add the amounts for a facial care if you want to apply it all over your body you can increase the quantity so here is one tablespoon and this is enough for the facial skin my next ingredient to add is coconut oil you can make use of olive oil but it's preferred coconut oil because olive oil cloves my skin life seriously because i have an oily skin but coconut oil is better in a way that i use it without any skin problem and it doesn't increase the oiliness of my skin so you can make use of olive oil or coconut oil depending on your skin type

how to get glass skin in 10 minutes ?

 coconut oil is amazing this will glow your skin is going to protect your skin against skin problems it will not clog your pores and it will give you a younger skin it contains anti-aging properties very important for you so I'm going to add just one tablespoon of it and this will be enough yes enough for this quantity of baking soda so the next one here is rice flour or rice powder  this i got this from the supermarket is easily available even after if you do not have it you can turn your rice grain you know use your blender turn it into a problem form like this so this is very exfoliating it's also brightening it gets rid of the skin it will get rid of rough skin if you have you know those people that have lump on their skin or rough skin it will help to get rid of it I'm only adding one tablespoon because I'm applying it only on my face but if you want to apply it all over your body you can go ahead rice rather is also very important for those that have acne prone skin it will help to treat your acne it will unclog your pores like penetrate into your skin to get rid of all those white hairs and black hairs clean your pulse and make sure your skin is bleeding well okay so it's always best to use it if you do not have rice powder you can make use of oats powder but i always love rice powder for unclogging my skin because it's very amazing

 glass skin secret

 the next one to add is any citrus fruits okay it can make use of orange you can make use of grape you can make use of lime you can mix of lemon any type of citrus fruit and they are just perfect they all work effectively okay i don't really need much two tablespoons will go a long way if you do not have your citrus fruits like this you can make use of the juice okay you have to cut it open to squeeze out the juice so here is orange and i love orange because it loves my skin it's so so important it's full of vitamin c okay it protects my skin it gets rid of super oily skin so like seriously this is just very good to make your skin to be glowing without all those greasy look and it helps to prevent all these pimples making sure your skin is flawless so I'll be squeezing in about two tablespoons of foods and i will be passing it through the filter so that the seed will not get into it let's go ahead and mix it gently like this and just like this . make sure you mix it until it's very smooth just like this or better than this then I'm going to apply it on my face just to show you how it's been done so before you apply this paste on your face or anywhere you want to apply you have to make sure you clean up all makeups make sure there are no makeups use a warm water to wash it off okay i don't have much makeup

how long does it take to get glass skin ?

 I'll go ahead and make use of a wipes it's also very important to make sure your pores are open because when your pores are open when you apply any treatment like this it's going to work where like seriously so mix it very well one more time before applying it and make sure all the ingredients are properly mixed then i will apply it like this . this is so so nice like seriously it smells so amazing like the ingredients are so yummy just feel like eating it right now this smell is amazing so just apply it make sure apply on your neck because you want everywhere to be uniform you can go ahead and apply it all over your body to make sure your skin is just flawless and looking so glowing and spotless so I'm going to leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and that will be enough to enable it to dry and penetrate where so in that way it's going to work better so when it's time to wash it off make sure you scrub it like this as you're resting it because you need to exfoliate your skin with it thanks to the presence of rice powder and baking soda which is so so good you scrub it gently then wash it off if you have a sensitive skin our advice you make is of orange juice instead of lemon because lemon can give you a sensation like which you may not like and that way this treatment may not last up to 10 to 15 minutes so make use of orange juice and as i said is mind

glass skin naturally at home

 after washing it off it's going to look like this or better than this so if you have dark spots all you have to do is just to continue with this treatment and make sure you scrub when you're washing it off so this will help to feed those dark spots exfoliate your skin to get rid of any skin you know rashes and other stuff so if you have pimples you don't need to scrub it when washing it off you need to be gentle when you have acne okay make sure you are consistent okay you can apply it in the morning you can apply it at night this treatment can last for five days in the refrigerator and i believe that would be enough  you have to make use of it three times weekly for best results and your skin is going to be glowing always and you can just glass without makeup and you just be looking so beautiful . 

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