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how to lose belly fat without exercise at home?


how to lose belly fat  without exercise at home?

how to lose belly fat  without exercise at home?

hello my beauties welcome back to my blog today's article I'm going to be making this weight loss drink for you the ingredients are so so very powerful like you just have to try it and see it for yourself

how to lose belly fat  at home?

 okay so today is the day yeah so you want to know how to lose those belly fats other stubborn fats of yours keep reading do not forget to share this article to everyone so let's go ahead and make this remedy for you now make sure it gets rid of um spots lower belly fat you know general fat and make you look very very attractive so the first ingredients we're going to use is cucumber and you have to ensure you wash it thoroughly

what to drink to lose belly fat ?

 so I'll be cutting the amounts i want to use this will be enough for one glass the cucumber here will help you to lose weight very fast and you have to add with other powerful ingredients to make it very effective it has lots of water in it and fiber as well that will make sure it supports digestion so this will help to get rid of bloating constipation get rid of those unwanted as fat thighs fat and make sure you have a very good bowel movement I'll be cutting it into smaller size so you have to transfer into a blender .

how to lose belly fat without exercising?

so I'll have to get my bigger blender this is actually small so our next ingredient is lemon so we're going to be making use of the inner part and the outer part which is the lemon peel so this is highly effective like if you want to lose those weights especially your belly fat you have to add orange peel into your you know your treatment wash it very well to get rid of the dead on the outer part of the lemon you can see I'm going to cut it only the seed I'll be removing only the seed you have to remove but other parts into smaller size to enable the blender to blend its way transfer into the blender you will have to add apple cider vinegar of course is very important and this helps

how to lose belly fat fast?

so where to burn stubborn fats lower belly fat all those stubborn fats that refuses to go add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar so I'm making for a glass but this can actually come as like two glasses so depending on the amount of water you added okay this remedy is very very strong very effective so you can dilute it by adding more water in here the next ingredient I'll be adding is black pepper so this is actually black pepper powder you can make use of the seed so I'll be making of the powdered form so which is also very good

how to lose belly fat overnight (easy trick)

 I'll be adding just a little just a little remember this is peppery okay especially for those that don't eat pepper or those that have ulcer you have to add little or decide to skip it it's not a must so I'll go blind it right now and I'll come back and tell you the next thing to do okay so after blending it it's going to be like this just like this the next thing I'm going to do is to strain it out of course i don't like drinking it like this now . you can see it's now wasted

how to lose belly fat without exercising?

 I'll be transferring it into the glass yes this is the right drink for you to lose those weights to get rid of belly fat without any side effects as i told you earlier that this may be more than one glass okay it may be more than one glass all you have to do is just to make more than this if you want it in a large amount store it in the refrigerator.

lose belly fat!      

 okay so I'll be keeping this for 90 use this is how to take this drink you have to take it one glass in the morning one glass at night take it every day to ensure a flat belly this will help to get rid of health fats that's fat any other bloating I'm going to be drinking it right away because i can't wait waste .

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