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how to get soft feet with vinegar Vaseline?


how to get soft feet with vinegar Vaseline?

how to get soft feet with vinegar Vaseline

how to get soft feet with vinegar Vaseline?

baby soft feet

blog so today's article i'll be making this wonderful treatment very natural ingredients that will help so well to keep your feet like that of a baby okay so if you want to obtain a very soft feet if you want your hands to look very soft and very very smooth you have to keep reading

 so you have to get sugar okay you have to get a white sugar because of a white sugar because sugar is the best for body scrub especially the feet the feet is very very rough okay full skin is very hard it can be very hard and strong so you have to use white sugar you have to get a bowl for mixing and we're going to use two tablespoons of sugar next ingredient if you add in here is olive oil so olive oil here is so important to make it from a scrub you have to add an enough to make it not you know so thick you need it to be in the form of your skull so you have to mix it very well look at this look at how it is it's not watery and it's not so you know very thick just like a scrub alright .

how to get soft feet?

so i'm going to keep this aside and show you the next thing to use on your feet so this is the next ingredient you should use okay bestly use any petroleum jelly of your choice and this is so awesome you want to maintain a very soft and non-cracked feet you have to make use of these two vaseline and castor oil so i'm going to mix these two together and here we have our scrub this scrub if you use it i'll show you how to use it for effective results i'm going to get another bowl like this and i'm going to mix it up together with the castor oil so this is half tbsp and this will go a long way i'll add one tablespoon of castor oil castor oil is so very important because it helps to soften your skin especially your foot your foot is going to look like a baby skin mix it very well make sure it's well mixed all right so we're going to move further right now to show you how to use this tool you have to treat your feet right away you have to follow me as i do it

soft feet routine

 okay so this is a warm water you have to soak your feet in it okay to get softer before we proceed . i normally leave it on like this for 15 minutes and above in a warm water i'm sure the water is warm so this is to enable your foods to get soaked and prepared for the next for treatments after soaking it it's time to use this scrub on your feet or your foot okay i'm going to exfoliate it now this soaking is going to help a lot because now your food is very well soaked and when you scrub it with the scrub when you exfoliate it you're going to be able to get rid of those dead skin cells from your feet that means your foods very hard you know when you're scrubbing with this you have to make sure you scrub underneath under your feet as well this regard of craft faith get rid of dead skin cells your feet is going to look the same just like the rest of your body very soft i'll go ahead and scrub the other one my other foot scrub your hands also.

thick dead skin on feet

 okay or any part you want to exfoliate all right so after the scrubbing you don't need to wait any longer you just have to wash it off then we'll have to apply the nest treatments so this is the time to apply the nest treatments which is this this is like a moisturizing cream that is going to keep making your skin to get softer okay it to help to you know protect your feet and prevent it from cracking out so just a little of it is all you need to apply on your feet just massage it gently.

home remedies for soft feet

 now feet is going to look like that baby skin okay it's going to get like to be soft like a baby skin just try this this is immediate it should give you immediate results but if your feet is very very strong and hard and cracked it may require you to use this treatment for like one more time or you know like three more times so if you want to continue making your fruits or your feet and hands to be very soft and younger you have to be using this treatment all the time be exfoliating your food three times a week and be applying this every day okay apply this every day to protect it . 

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