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how to get rid of wrinkles on hands and how to get soft hands naturally?


how to get rid of wrinkles on hands and  how to get soft hands  naturally?

how to get rid of wrinkles on hands and  how to get soft hands  naturally?

how to get rid of wrinkles on hands and  how to get soft hands  naturally?

hello my beauties welcome back to my blog if you're new here for the first time you're so so welcome so today's article is already know from the title i'm going to be showing you how to get rid of those hair wrinkles how to get rid of any other wrinkles how to soften your hairs and make them looking younger all the time .

why do i have soft hands?

 so the ingredients are powerful the contains powerful antioxidants very nourishing and important nutrients that will help to nourish your hands keep them looking beautiful okay so if you want to know how to treat your hands moisturize remove dryness remove wrinkles keep reading do not forget to  share this article to everyone so let's go so keep your hands looking so young very fresh no wrinkles no fine nice you have to get a very clean bowl because we're going to mix some ingredients that are going to help to keep your hands looking like that of a baby so the first ingredient you have to use is oats flour .

best treatment for wrinkled hands

so here is oatmeal oats powder you can get it from supermarkets if yours is not in a powder form you can go ahead and make use of it is okay or you can just turn it into a powder form just like this i'll be adding one tablespoon of oats powder and this is going to do or you can add two two tablespoons if you want to apply it all over your body hot powder is very important is part with antioxidants and nourishing vitamins which helps to restore dry skin helping to reduce irritation on your skin when applied on your hairs is going to keep it supple and wear hydrated so getting rid of those wrinkles and dry hairs of yours so here we have yogurt.

removing dry skin from hands

 so you can get any type of yogurt but i always prefer unsweetened you got a fresh yogurt okay get it from the spring market yes one tablespoon of yogurt if yours is very watery you can add more oats powder as you can see mine is so so watery yogurt here contains lactic acid which helps to dissolve dead skin cells on your skin cleaning your skin up getting rid of those debris like this when applied on your face on your hands or overall body we have to remove wrinkles soften and make your skin very fresh

how to get rid of rough hands

so it's going to also help to remove acne pimples and dark spots so just continue mixing it so the next one to add is coffee yes coffee is highly highly important in these treatments because it helps to decrease sunspots redness and fine lines coffee is also packed with antioxidant properties which helps to reduce inflammation and keep skin looking always younger so i always love coffee if you have been reading my article you see that i always add it into my marks into my facial treatment and it has been so helpful.

how to make your hands soft permanently

 so i'll be adding half tablespoon of fizz and it's going to do so mince thoroughly so coconut oil is one of the best oils you can use to fight asian this is full of antioxidants helps to delay aging have slowed down the appearance of wrinkles better than many oils so i love it a lot and a lot i'm going to add one tablespoon of coconut oil so when mixing it make sure all the ingredients are well dissolved especially the coffee so i'm going to go right now to show you how to apply it to get a younger looking hand a fresh hair no wrinkles no dryness so i'll just apply it make sure you wash your hands before applying these treatments then apply it like this upwardly .

 how to get rid of wrinkles on hands and  how to get soft hands  naturally?                                      

 so after applying it like this you have to leave it on for 30 minutes okay or more than that depending on when it gets dry so when it gets dry you just have to wash it off just wash it off use lukewarm water to wash it so this is what you should be doing every day repeat this treatment the next day and you can be doing it if you are a busy time three times weekly and that will be okay so that is all for now i'm going to go keep it for some time then wash it then i'll be right back all right so when you wash it off okay just with only water do not use soap you will notice there are some oil remaining and that is because of the ingredients the coconut oil will help to keep moisturizing your hands keeping it younger and very smooth so if you want a soft tense if your palm is so very strong you can apply this treatment all over but make sure you keep it dry before washing it off so i'm just enjoying my hair and this is one of the treatments i love so much ultimate pack it helps to keep hands looking soft and younger so with this signs of agents will be delayed and your hands will be looking so young and all the time young .

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