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Eye Makeup tips That Make Your Eyes Appear Big

Eye Makeup tips That Make Your Eyes Appear Big

Eye Makeup tips That Make Your Eyes Appear Big
Eye Makeup tips That Make Your Eyes Appear Big
The latest eye createup tricks mentioned here make your eyes seem larger and delightful. ladies ought to learn these stylish eye makeup techniques. These eye makeup techniques square measure straightforward, fast and effective for creating your eyes beguiling.


The crease and contour technique of eye makeup utilizes the results of the sunshine and therefore the dark. the most important parts of the eyelids ought to have lightweight makeup. solely a touch dark color ought to be seen on the outmost corners of your eyes.

~ Apply achromatic, matte makeup matching your skin tone on your higher palpebra. This matte shadow is that the basic makeup. The darker color ought to be used on the crease and should be homogenized well.

~ To find the crease, shut your eyes and bit your palpebra to search out the deep hollow indent on the highest a part of your palpebra. This hollow indent on the palpebra is that the crease. The dark color would be accustomed outline the crease.

~ Dark color ought to be applied on the crease once the eyes square measure open. Otherwise, the shading on your crease won't seem conspicuously.

~ Crease and contour eye createup tricks make your eyes seem larger and engaging.

~ begin lining your higher palpebra, terribly about to the lash-line close to the roots employing a black make-up pencil.

~ Smudge the outer common fraction a part of make-up pigment on the higher lash-line upwards and outward

~ Next, use the black eye pencil to line/ shade the highest crease from the outer corner of higher palpebra towards inner corner upwards, solely until common fraction, ending abundant far from your nose.

~ Smudge and mix this common fraction length, high crease line victimization associate makeup sponge device brush. mix this crease line outward and upward.

~ once homogenized properly, the dark, smudged, contoured, higher palpebra space would match atiny low, sideway " > ".

~ equally, line the lower lash-line with the black make-up pencil until halfway solely and stopping far from the nose. Now, smudge the lower line with the sponge device outward and downward. Eyes can currently seem wide open and larger in dimension.

~ The hint of a touch black would create the eyes seem brighter. Correct smudging and mixing square measure necessary for productive creasing and contouring.

~ Adding depth and dimension to the outer " >" of your eyes would create them seem larger. this is often one in all the simplest eye makeup tricks.


For a additional refined and natural look, the dotted bottom eye liner technique is employed. this method additionally makes your eyes seem larger. This technique involves the calling it off of your bottom eye-liner line.

Considering the form and size of your eyes, you would like to draw four to seven dots with a soft eye pencil, below your lower lashline. Avoid drawing dots terribly about to the inner corners of your eyes. Draw the dots gently along with your eye pencil.

Wear thick make-up and make-up to enhance this bottom make-up look.

3) OMBRE result make-up

You can use make-up pencils for the newest ombre result. this is often additionally one in all the foremost recent eye makeup tricks.

~ For this gradient make-up result, select three make-up colours from a similar color family- a light-weight, a medium, and a dark shade.

~ Line your higher or lower lash-line victimization these three make-up pencils.

~ after you square measure lining your higher lash-line, use the sunshine shade of make-up pencil to line solely common fraction length, starting from inner corner towards outer. Then stop.

~ Now, with none gaps, continue drawing the road with the medium shade make-up until common fraction within the middle.

~ equally, continue and complete drawing the top common fraction line with the darkest shade of make-up pencil and extend the wing a touch outside and upward.

~ With a soft eye brush, employing a lightweight stroke, gently brush the three-shade horizontal line once for mixing. don't over-blend to make one colour bar. The gradient make-up result ought to be noticeable.

Gradient Color concepts for selecting make-up Pencils:-

From Blue color family, you'll be able to use icy blue [light], turquoise blue [medium] and darkest teal blue [dark].

If you're victimization shades from black color family, you'll be able to select lightweight grey, medium grey and black.

4) WHITE make-up

White make-up is employed to create the eyes brighter and larger. this is often one in all the foremost far-famed eye makeup tricks. you must hold your lower eye lid down along with your finger, and apply white make-up on the line, to line the inner rim of the attention. Waterlining the eyes with white eye liner makes them look massive.

Next, draw atiny low inner shape with the white eyeliner, on the skin of the inner corner of both eyes, near the nose or tear duct area and smudge it with your finger to blend well. This highlighting eye makeup trick will brighten the inner corners of your eyes to make them appear bigger.

These techniques of eye makeup are some of the best ways to brighten your eyes. "

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